Disabled Wild Boar Get A Second Chance To Run Again

A wild baby boar bitten by a dog ended up paralyzed but was luckily saved by the folks at Elephant Sanctuary. The animal sanctuary in Thailand specializes in rescuing Asian elephants but they also rescue other animals such as dogs and this sweet pig.

“All beings deserve a second chance for life,” the rescuers wrote. “When we saw this little wild boar on our doorstep with such injury and suffering, our hearts yielded. It was clear that he fought to survive. We embraced him.”

They named him Moo Yum (“smile pig”) and got him a wheelchair so he could get about.

“Our vets and animal care staff worked tirelessly to bring this boy to have an opportunity to run again,” Elephant Sanctuary wrote. They let him snuffle and roll around in the mud. He gets to bathe in the river and walks all around the sanctuary that is home to many elephants.

The group concludes, “This is the story of a brave little wild boar who can inspire us to live well. We should never give up on life in need.”

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