Disabled Boy Takes His Very First Steps And Is Cheered On By Classmates

David Matos de Souza was born paralyzed because of an infectious disease known as Poliomyelitis, a virus that attacks the spinal chord. Although David has used a wheelchair his entire life, the 6-year-old Brazilian boy recently shocked and delighted students in his class by taking his first steps.

The amazing moment was caught on video by a teacher and in it David stands up and walks all on his own. His classmates cheer and shout “Go, David, go”, encouraging his every step as he walks across the room and into his teacher’s awaiting arms. He is simply beaming with pride and joy at his accomplishment, as is everyone else in the room.

The amazing moment was caught on video by a teacher and when his mother later saw the video she was overcome with emotion.

“Seeing the video, it was so emotional. I cried a lot,” David’s mother, Roseley, told a local Brazilian TV channel. “Due to his paralysis, doctors had said he would never be able to walk, but more recently he has been getting some physical therapy and his classmates decided to try and encourage him to walk.”

“After so many years of hardship, it’s indescribable how I feel now,” she added. “The one thing I want to say is if there are other mothers in a similar situation, never give up on your children.”

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