Delivery Driver Has Funny Run-In with Friendly Chicken in Garage

Delivering packages during the holidays can be challenging for delivery drivers especially when they have to deal with unexpected surprises! Take this Amazon delivery guy who opened the garage door for a delivery in Minooka, Illinois, only to encounter a chicken named Fancy.

Fancy is a very friendly chicken who, according to her family, “loves human interaction.” But that poses a bit of a problem for the driver because he’s got other packages to deliver.

The Amazon delivery guy “has to go back and forth” to try and get Fancy contained in the garage so he can close the door and leave. But he is persistent and patient and figures it it out.

Why is Fancy staying in the garage, you might ask? According to her family, “she is injured and needs to be separated from the other chickens.” That’s also why “she is very used to people coming in and out.”

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