‘They Gave You Mine’, Daughter Hilariously Pranks Mom Waking Up From Hand Surgery

Kendyl Culpepper and her sister decided to play a harmless but hilarious prank on their mom, who was just waking up after undergoing hand surgery.

Armed with a tiny hand toy Kendyl’s sister approaches their mom who is still a bit dazed and confused from anesthesia. She gently asks mom, “Did they tell you what happened?” She holds up the toy hand in place of her own left hand and continues “They gave you mine.”

TikTok @kendyl.culpepper

There’s a momentary pause as mom tries to absorb the information. Then she reacts and…well no wonder Kendyl captioned the video “I absolutely can’t” followed by crying laughter emojis.

Watch the hilarious moment in the video below:

@kendyl.culpepperI absolutely cant ♬ original sound –

Kendyl’s sister goes on to try to convince her mom it’s not so bad. After all she can “still cheer at home games” and “still read the bible.”

Her mom’s face is a study in comedic gold. I laughed even harder when mom asked her daughter “why is it so little?” And the one daughter answers, “It’s the best they could do.”

Thankfully, mom is a great sport and shares the same sense of humor as her daughters because the video prank ends with a clip showing her roaring with laughter while holding up the weird tiny hand toy.

TikTok @kendyl.culpepper

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Mom’s reaction to the prank.

One viewer commented, “Her face when you first showed the little hand. I’m crying.”

“You can literally hear her heart beating faster!” noted another.

“When she petted her head with that weird little hand she was like “nooooo,” laughed one other viewer.

The slow blink when she was looking at it for the first time is what made others laugh.

Even a nurse chimed in and wrote, “As a recovery nurse I would’ve absolutely died laughing if I walked into this.”

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