Mom Learns About The Surprising Dangers Of Scented Candles

Meghan didn’t think she was doing anything wrong when she lit two large scented candles and let them burn for 6 or 7 hours. But the next morning, she not only noticed black spots in her nose, but she found her baby’s nostrils were all black as well.

Even after thoroughly cleaning and rinsing her son’s nostrils, there were still black specs from the soot. She picked up the candles afterwards and noticed that the product warns to not burn it more than 3 hours.

Lisa Liberatore was interviewed by a news channel and confirmed that soot can build up to high levels if candles are left burning. To reduce the soot output, people are advised to make sure the wick is trimmed and to never burn it a drafty area. Also, if you see soot, put the candle out.

Some people have noted that burning candles for long periods also can clog heating and cooling units with soot. While others point out that soy candles do not produce the same soot that parrafin wax candles do.

The newscasters also reported that too much fragrance in a candle can burn unsafely, so it’s best to buy candles from a reputable maker. People should also note the quality of the wick, as some wicks contain lead!

Meghan and her baby are just fine, but she’s glad she has a better knowledge of candle safety after her experience.

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