Dancers Wow Spectators With Their Modern Twist On Irish Dance

Members of the Fusion Fighters Dance Crew took to the streets of Dublin to entertain spectators with their modern twist on the traditional dance. The dance company performed on top of wooden boards to really make the sound of their tapping feet be heard!

While outside Dublin’s Temple Bar, the dancers took turns Irish dancing and putting on a fantastic show. Both the dancers and audience join in on the fun clapping along with the fast-tapping feet!

Filmed by the troupe’s artistic founder Chris Naish, the Dublin-based dance company “branched away from what has become the typical Irish dance experience in order to evolve for a modern audience while still preserving their traditions,” their company website reads.

Nevertheless, the performers display the typical, traditional straight arms and intricate footwork found in Irish step dance. And not only did they wow the audience watching that day on the street, the video of their performance has been viewed millions of times. It seems their twist on Irish dance has earned them plenty of fans all over the world!

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