Dancers Swing Into First Place With Fun, Effortless Routine

Jordan Frisbee and Victoria Henk are swing dancers that know how to put on a show. The pair put that on display at the Open Swing Dance Championships and won first place.

Victoria Henk is one of the most successful dancers in the world of West Coast Swing. In this competition, that took place in 2018, shows off her true mastery and an ease with every move. She makes it look so easy and so fun! And Frisbee keeps step with his own impeccable dance style!

In their performance, the pair dance to The Temptations’ ‘The Way You Do The Things You Do‘ (The Motown Story: The 60s Version) and deadmau5’s ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff‘ (Original Instrumental Mix).

The dancers also placed first in the same year at the Liberty Swing Championships Winning Improv West Coast Swing dance in the Champions Strictly Swing show at Liberty Swing 2018.

As one fan writes, “This was positively delicious and wonderful to watch. Thank you.” And another said, “You two are DEFINITELY at the top of your game. Anytime you can dance to ANY song, such as that one with such grace and skill, shows true mastery of your art. I greatly appreciated watching it.”

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