Devoted Dad Does Ballet With Daughter After She Is Stricken With Stage-Fright

It was dad to the rescue when his 2-year-old daughter froze on stage during a ballet recital. When a tiny Bella got on stage to perform in a dress rehearsal with her fellow ballet classmates, she was struck by stage fright and begins to cry. Her bad mood throws off all the other young dancers and things could have begun spiraling out of control, but her dad wasn’t about to let her down, practice performance or not.

Caters News reveals that Marc Daniels is a self-employed barrister and a father of three and used to multi-tasking. Seeing his daughter in distress, he immediately jumps on stage to help coach Bella along.

Towering over the tiny dancers, Marc holds his youngest daughter Suri, while joining the line. He gently grabs hold of Bella’s hand and plies, spins and points his toes just as a ballerina would. I am guessing this is not Marc’s first time practicing dancing with his daughter, what with the expert way he plies.

Marc’s presence calms his daughter, and throughout the performance she looks to her dad for support. Although, she’s still a bit confused as to what to do, she finishes the dress-rehearsal with the rest of the girls.

A few other parents in the audience caught the sweet moment on camera and soon the video went viral.

I’m pretty sure that Bella will be okay when she has the big ballet recital in the City Hall of Hamilton, Bermuda. And I’m also pretty sure her dad will be cheering her from the wings, encouraging her every step of the way.

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