Dad Has Hilarious Reaction To Watching Daughter’s Birth, Photos Goes Viral

It’s Brett Sills’ third child but he admits that seeing a baby being born is not something he’s gotten used to. And he’s got the photos to prove it. Brett’s partner, Amanada Roelofs was in labor for six hours and after giving birth to a healthy baby girl she returned to her room where she got a laugh when she took a look at the photos taken of Brett during their baby’s birth.

Thinking others might get a chuckle, Amanda posted the photos on Facebook and captioned the photos, “You didn’t see everything I seen” followed by a bunch of laughing emojis. Well, the photos have been enjoyed by thens of thousands of people and gone viral. The “photos blew up. Oh my gosh,” Amanda later told The Inside Edition.

The father in Arkansas says he’s not sure what happened. “I don’t know, I was just shocked,” Sillis said about his reaction to seeing baby Brynlee coming out. He said that even though he’s been in the room for his other children’s births, “I guess it’s something you can’t get used to, seeing a baby born.”

He hastened to add that there were more pictures with him smiling, but those didn’t make it to the post.

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