Dad Hilariously Embarrasses Son With ‘School’s Out’ Performance At Bus Stop

It’s the last day of school before summer break so why not go all out to embarrass your kid? At least that’s what dad Matt Wilson thought he’d do for his son Liam on his very trip on the school bus. The dad in Perry Township, Indiana, has always looked for a way to embarrass his son on his last day of school.

So he got a group of dad’s together to put on a rock-n-roll performance in his driveway right where the school bus stops. hey performed Alice Cooper’s classic hit “School’s Out” wearing wigs and everything!

“Why embarrass your kid by just existing when you can do this?” mom wrote on her TikTok video.

This year was Liam’s last time taking the school bus because next year he’s off to high school. Wilson shared that in previous years he embarrassed his 8th-grader by wearing a speedo with a snorkel and mask and chasing after the bus!

Liam might be embarrassed but we’re sure he’s the talk of the school. Here’s the original TikTok video taken by mom.

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Viewers thought it was hilarious and guessed the bus driver enjoyed the show. Jessica George commented, “The bus driver was like, we just gonna take a minute to soak this one in.”

“Bus driver is enjoying the hell out of this,” said another.

“Gen X parents rock!” mentioned one other viewer.

One person thought that Liam’s “embarrassed but all his friends know he has the coolest parents.”

And another concluded, “As a kid I would be mortified – as an adult this is the most EPIC thing I’ve seen in years. Rock on!”

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