12 Heartwarming Illustrations That Capture The Love Between Dads And Daughters

There’s something special about the bond fathers share with their daughters. When dads give their time, energy and love to nurturing and protecting their daughters, it is a beautiful thing to behold and incredibly important for children growing up.

Illustrator Snezhana Soosh knows this and wanted to highlight this bond in a series of her drawings. The Ukrainian artist’s work is going viral, in huge part because the sweet pictures perfectly capture the power of family love and those quiet moments that mean so much!

“I admire strength only when it shows itself through tenderness and care.”

It’s time to hoola hoop.

And for a game of chess.

“She loves to play detective. Me…I am afraid of spiders.”

“Sometimes she falls asleep holding on to my hand, I don’t remove it. Those nights my back hurts but my heart is blooming.”

“Big moose, little moose.”

“Walking high above the world.”

“She loves puppet theater.”

“She doesn’t handle it well when i go away on a business trip.. I don’t handle it well either…”

“Tea time, dada.”

“When kiddo comes to sleep by me, that’s how it looks and feels like.”

“Sleep, my little one. I am here.” Dada will take care of the monsters.

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