Dad Creates Beeping Easter Eggs For His Blind Daughter To Find

A father’s solution to help his blind daughter participate in an Easter Egg hunt is spreading across the United States thanks to the efforts of military and law enforcement members.

David Haisch’s daughter was 4 months old when she lost her vision. His first thought was that she would never have a normal life, but his daughter soon showed him she was more than capable of doing things herself.

Fast forward several years, and David was helping plan his Church’s Easter Egg Hunt. He knew his daughter, Rachel, would want to join in on the fun.

He did some research and found a man who was making beeping eggs. Being an ATF agent (who works with explosives), David took the design and tweaked it a bit. He soon had eggs equipped with beepers, switches and batteries that his daughter could locate through sound.

When he showed off his beeping eggs at a convention for bomb technicians, the association thought it would be a great initiative for their members. That’s how the Rachel Project got started and every year military and law enforcement members donate their time and skills to build the eggs for other children with visual impairments.

The eggs are donated to schools for visually impaired children so they can have their own Easter egg hunts. The eggs also are actually now used by many teachers year round as learning aid to help kids learn to locate things themselves!

David also says that other churches have taken on the initiative as well.

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