How To Slice And Dice Onions Using A Hair Pick

Cutting onions can be a chore, but here’s an awesome cooking tip that may sound a bit strange at first, but will actually help a lot. DaveHax demonstrates how you can easily slice and dice an onion using a stainless-steel hair pick!

If you want to make onion rings you can insert the hair pick into a whole onion and then slice between the prongs for evenly-sized rings. If you would like to dice an onion, simply insert the pick into a halved onion and cut the sides from one end to the other. Dave points out that the pick can also be used to cut tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and lemons too!

It should be noted that some viewers have pointed out that there are some kitchen tools designed much like a hair pick that can do the job too, should you want to reserve the hair pick for your hair and not vegetables.

Who would have thought that a hair pick could be so useful in the kitchen? Share this handy tip with your family and friends!

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