Customers Buy Out Store’s Doughnuts So Owner Can Care for His Sick Wife

For 30 years, John Chhan and his wife Stella have run Donut City, a doughnut shop in Seal Beach, California. They’ve become a fixture in the community, with families growing up with their treats.

Recently, when customers learned that Stella is facing a medical crisis, they decided to pitch in to help the couple. Stella suffered a brain aneurysm last month and is currently in a nursing home.

The Chhans specifically asked that no crowdfunding sites be set up on their behalf. So, the customers decided to support them in the way they always have – by buying the doughnuts.

Patrons are coming in early to buy as many doughnuts as possible, sometimes dozens at once. People are buying out the store’s inventory every morning so Chhan can close early and go home to take care of his beloved wife. He is very grateful for the support he is receiving from his patrons.

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