Courtney Hadwin Brings Her ‘A’ Game And Original Song to America’s Got Talent: The Champions

Caourtney Hadwin has always wanted to be a teen rock star. Last year, the 14-year-old singer got to America’s Got Talent’s finale only to place a disappointing sixth.

Admittedly shy when she’s not singing, she transforms into a confident rocker when on stage.

In the video introduction, she explains how she sang cover songs her first time on the show, but there wouldn’t be any point to do the same thing on “Champions.” This time she’ll be singing an original song – “Pretty Little Thing”.

As soon as she begins to sing, her distinctive gravely voice and dance moves get the crowd cheering.

“Courtney that was bloody fantastic,” exclaims Simon at the end of her performance.

Mel B is in disbelief that the 14-year-old has it all figured out, “Hands down you are a champion.”

Early feedback is that she put on an amazing show. “If she would have performed like this in the finals last year, she definitely would have placed better! The song she sang fit her style 100% which is hard to do.”

Watch Courtney sing her song in the video below.

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