Couple Spends A Year Convincing Stray Dog To Let Them Rescue Him

When Joe and Marla noticed a big starving dog poking his head out of the woods on their property they immediately tried to help him. But the dog was so scared that they decided to bring him food. They tried and tried to catch the dog but he was so frightened they suspected he might be abused. When Winter came “Scooby” (as they named him) disappeared.

They called for Scooby but he didn’t appear until the following summer when he appeared out of nowhere. This time, he ran over to Joe and Marla and let them get closer to him. Marla said it was like he adopted them at this point. But when Scooby met their dog Samson that’s when the real breakthrough happened.

The two dogs became immediate friends and Scooby trusted Samson enough to come into the house. In all, it took a whole year for Scooby to be rescued. Scooby has been welcomed into Marla and Joe’s family and feels safe and at home.

Scooby’s family has grown since his rescue. He’s now a big brother to puppy Sunny Meadow.

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