Couple Who Saves Puppy from Roadside Shocked When Told to Put Her Back There

Maria and Bryan were traveling on the road when a small puppy ran in front of their car. They broke into tears seeing how bad a condition the puppy was in – she was skin and bones. They gave her what food they had and brought her to the vet. But they were shocked by what they were told. When they asked the vet if there was a place they could take the puppy that would help her find a home the vet said no and that basically the best thing they could do is leave her in the woods where they found her and she will find her way.

There was no way Maria and Bryan were going to do that. They wanted to try and find her a home.

“Two and a half years later, and we’re trying to find her a home,” they joked.

Maria says she always suspected Bryan was going to keep the puppy all along because he’s a dog lover. Nala, as the puppy is now named, has gotten used to the travel lifestyle and accompanies them on their trips. In an amazing coincidence, two months later a cat ran underneath their car. They rescued the cat and the moment they brought the cat into the car Nala was instantly smitten. So was the cat! That’s how Simba joined the family!

Bryan says Simba is a very relaxed cat. The couple say that rescuing Nala and Simba have given them a new perspective and to “appreciate every day in your life.”

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