Home Renovating Couple Builds Stray Cat Fancy Winter Cabin

When home renovators and interior designers Danica and Chris decided to build the stray cat that showed up in their garden a cabin for winter they didn’t know it would have an unexpected outcome.

The black cat they named “Fat Billy” began appearing in their yard but he didn’t want to come inside or be around people. So Danica began sneaking food and water out for the cat when he wasn’t around.

With winter approaching, Danica began thinking about shelter for Fat Billy. She convinced Chris that they needed to build a shelter for him. Chris wasn’t so sure at first but he was persuaded and so he told her if we’re going to build one “we’re going to do it right” which for the couple meant building a cedar shake cabin for him.

“He needed the best of the best,” they both agreed. The cabin quickly came together and even features a Michelangelo touch!

It took a few days of coaxing to convince Fat Billy to go inside but now he pops in and out. The couple say that if Fat Billy shows any interest in people they’ll be sure to move him into an even bigger (human) home. Says Danica, “If he would get comfortable with people we would home him immediately.” But for now Fat Billy has food and comfort to get through the winter along with a family keeping a close eye on him.

It might be hard for everyone to build a cedar shingle home for a stray cat so here’s a tip on how to make a cat shelter out of a Rubbermaid container.

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