Cop Rescues Malnourished Pit Bull Tied Up in Freezing Temperatures

Officer Eric McCombs was on patrol in the middle of the night in Detroit when he spotted SweatPea chained outside in the freezing cold. The Pit Bull was tied to a porch and the temperature was so cold that she had frostbite on the tips of her ears.

McCombs couldn’t believe someone would just leave her so malnourished and in the elements so he decided to rescue her. Her tail was wagging but it was between her legs. Still, the moment he opened the patrol car door she jumped right in.

McCombs took SweatPea to the shelter but when they began to leave she tried to bolt out of the shelter with him. As he drove away he wondered who would take care of her? Then he thought, “screw it, I will do it.”

He had to help SweetPea so he reached out to Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue and they sorted things out. Soon, McCombs was driving back to the shelter to pick SweatPea up. When he took her home he realized she didn’t know how to be a dog. She didn’t even know what a dog bed was. But now…

…Now, SweatPea is wagging her tail all the time. She’s so happy!

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