This Inflatable Tent Turns Into Solid Concrete With Just Water And Air

Can a concrete structure be packed in a bag and inflated when needed? It turns out the answer is “yes”. In the video below, you’ll see this “concrete tent” in action. Sealed in a plastic bag, the amazing concrete cloth is sealed in a plastic bag. Once the bag is filled with water, it has to be pulled out of the bag and inflated. Within 24 hours, you have a solid concrete building with doors. It’s strong enough to stand on and, as the concrete cloth is a ceramic, it is also fire proof.

The amazing concrete canvas technology has been around for quite a few years and is sometimes called a “building in a bag”. The clip from National Geographic indicates the structures could be used in disaster relief as the interiors can be sterilized so that it can be used for medical surgeries. Once it is erected the concrete tent can last for a long time (up to 10 years)!

The manufacturer in 2008 demonstrated their concrete canvas shelter in more detail in the video below. From the video, it appears the concrete tents are marketed mostly to the military. The clip below shows more of the interior that looks remarkably roomy for a tent!

The technology really incredible! If you think so too, share it with your family friends!

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