Color Blind Father Cries When He Sees The Color Of His Children’s Eyes For The First Time

Opie Hughes has been color blind for his whole life and has never been able to truly experience color, until his family got him a pair of unique glasses for his birthday.

Opie has protanopia (red/green color blindness), which means he has difficulty differentiating between the two colors. It means that any object that includes these colors is a muted shade of what we see.

For his birthday, his girlfriend, sister, three children, and other members of his family bought him EnChroma glasses. The special glasses let him see color the way his family does. For the special day, they planted colorful flowers outside for him.

Even though Opie knew he would be getting the glasses, he wasn’t prepared for what he saw when he put them on. When he’s prompted to look at the color of his children’s eyes, he is overwhelmed and can’t help but break down in tears.

Shortly after receiving his gift, Opie wrote on his Facebook page:

“My whole life has been spent without the ability to see so many things.”

“I’ve had a terrible time even dressing myself thousands of times…I have to stop at all flashing lights because I don’t know if they are red or yellow, I thought cops lights were red and orange and white, … so many things that everyone sees as simple tasks have been so much harder for me, if not impossible.”

What color blindness looks like. Source

Opie continued “…The idea of being able to see colors for what they really are has had me in tears multiple times in the past few weeks hoping that maybe I could…and then today, on MY BIRTHDAY I was given that gift! …I can quite honestly say this is going to be the best thing I’ve ever experienced for sure…. Wow…just wow…”

What an amazing gift and an emotional moment for him!

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