Cocker Spaniel’s Ears Adorably Curl Up Whenever She Gets A Compliment

A rescued ginger Cocker Spaniel named JoJo has the most adorably expressive ears. Her mom, TikTokker @amberlilly11, shared a cute video of her dog’s unusual quirk and wrote, “JoJo has amazing ears.” Whenever JoJo’s mom talks to her and gives her compliments her floppy ears curl up!

@amberlilly11 JoJo has amazing ears! Shes so sweet. #myrescuedog #rescuedog #exbreeder #gingerdog #sweetgirl #cockerspaniel #redcockerspaniel #mygirl #rescuedogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – amberlilly11

JoJo lives in Bristol, England with her humans and another dog named Jasi. JoJo’s family adopted her after they lost their dog Amber in 2022 and wanted to get another dog.

@amberlilly11, said she adopted JoJo last March from a puppy farm where she was used for breeding. “She’s come such a long way. We adopted her in March last year, an ex puppy farm mum. Came scared, shut down. Turned into a beauty loving girl,” @amberlilly11 wrote in response to a viewer commenting how adorable JoJo is.

When another viewer asked “How does that work?” after seeing JoJo’s amazing ears, @amberlilly11 responded, “Magic.” She elaborated, “Definitely magic ears. I’ve never seen a dog do this before JoJo.”

It appears that JoJo has had her magic ears since they got her.

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