Clydesdale Horses Fall During A Show, But Amaze The Audience With What They Do In The Aftermath

It was in the middle of a performance at a show that these Budweiser Clydesdale horses have an accident that made everyone in the crowd gasp out loud and worry for their welfare.

Thankfully, what happens immediately afterwards shows just how well-trained the horses are. The horses immediately come to a stop and remain calm allowing one of the riders to unwind the harness and the field crew come to their aid.

“Look at the calmness. This is a miracle before your eyes,” says the announcer, keeping the audience calm as the men get the equipment out of the way, and tend to the horses. A few minutes pass, and thankfully all the horses are able to get to their feet and walk out of the arena on their own.

It is comforting to know the horses are in the skilled hands of these men and that none of the horses were grievously hurt.

As one person who watched the video commented, “Very emotional to watch, but amazing how calm the horses remained during the whole ordeal. Thank goodness they are all okay.”

The video opens with an introduction and the horses performing, with the dramatic accident occurring at 4:04.

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