Clever Dad Who Made 3D Arm For His Son Makes One For Girl After Seeing Her Story On Social Media

Six-year-old Keira Campbell was born without a left hand. Doctors told Kiera’s family that she was too young for a prosthetic limb.

But when Callum Miller saw her story on Facebook he decided to help.

Miller’s son, Jamie, also was born without a hand. But rather than take doctors advise, he bought a 3D printer and made Jamie a robotic hand.

He has now done the same for Keira.

“She can now hold stuff properly which she couldn’t before, she’s loving it. She’s becoming more independent,” Kiera’s mom, Nikki, told Gazette Live.

“She’s getting used to using it day by day and she can put it on herself now and she was using it to drink a milkshake. I’ve never seen her this excited to go back to school,” she said.

Kiera, herself, is overjoyed she can now hold things and play with her dolls.

Watch Keira and Jamie talk about what the impact the 3D printed hands are having on their lives.

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