Cleaning Woman Laid Off Due To COVID, Gets Surprise Gift Of Apartment In Building Where She Worked

The COVID pandemic has been tough for many people, especially for the millions who have lost their job and become unable to afford rent. Rosa, a cleaning woman in New York, recently lost her job due to COVID and had to go live at her sister’s home because she could no longer afford a place of her own.

Despite being furloughed, she still went to work to clean one particular building where she has worked fro 20 years. But she didn’t complain, instead she has come to work with “a giant smile on her face.”

All the tenants in the building love her, so the tenants decided to give back and arranged a special gift for her.

Rosa had no idea she was about to get the keys to the penthouse apartment. Under the guise of asking her to help clean the newly renovated 2500 square foot apartment for a real-estate showings, the realtors show her around the space. But she hasn’t got a clue it’s about to be offered to her rent free for two whole years! Watch her reaction in the heartwarming video below.

Many viewers wondered if the gift includes utilities, but have concluded it does. One of the men in the video says that Rosa’s benefactors have “taken care of everything for you, all you need to do is sign.”

It’s such a lovely, generous gift that will undoubtedly help Rosa and her family get back on their feet.

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