How To Clean Dirty Oven Racks With Minimal Effort

Dirty oven racks are a reality in most of our kitchens, in part because they can be such a chore to clean. As the self-cleaning feature in ovens is not meant to clean the racks (and can actually damage the chrome), it means that manual scrubbing is the only way. But there is an easier way to scrub them clean.

Melissa form Clean My Space shares her method for breaking down the greasy grime that sticks to oven racks and minimize the “elbow grease” needed to scrub them clean.

You’ll need:

– an old towel
– a soft sponge or cleaning toothbrush
– a cup of laundry detergent (liquid or powder) or dish detergent (liquid or powder)
– a bathtub or tub big enough to hold and soak your oven rack

Place the old towel in your bathtub to ensure your rack (and powdered abrasive detergent, if you use it) does not scratch your tub.

Plug your drain and fill your tub with the hottest water possible. Next add cup of the detergent to the tub (if you choose the powdered variety, dissolve it in a glass first, then add.) Then leave your racks in the tub to soak for at least 6 hours.

The overnight soak helps break down tough grease and stains. Once the soak is done, wipe off any remaining residue on your racks with your sponge or brush. The results are pretty good and should leave you with clean oven racks!

Check out the detailed tutorial below and share this handy tip with your friends and family!

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