People In Town Learned Sign Language To Give Deaf Man A Day He’ll Never Forget

On any given day, Muharrem has barriers communicating with strangers in his city, because of his hearing loss. But on this particular day, he noticed something unusual was going on…

Although the day was choreographed and arranged by Samsung’s Turkish division, people did have to make the effort to learn sign language to communicate with Muharrem. It took a month to prepare and was filmed in Bagcilar, a working class district of Istanbul. And although the video and experience was intended to be consumed as a product message, ultimately, the message is an uplifting one and it must have been an unforgettable experience for Muharrem. But the video also points to how our lives might be a little richer if we took the time to learn another language – any language – so we could connect more with others in ways that positively impact their lives.

Muharrem’s reaction reminds me of this daughter’s emotional reaction to her father’s gift to her on her wedding day!

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