Circus Bear Locked In Cage For 12 Years Experiences Freedom And Snow For The First Time

Born in a circus in Serbia, Napa spent 12 years in captivity before he was finally freed. Even after the circus ended Napa was stuck in a cage for 8 years because the owners refused to give him up.

Ulrike Wuestner with Four Paws International explains that they were finally able to free Napa with the help of the Serbian authorities. His health was not good because he had been left in the cage so long and given terrible food and broken his teeth on the bars.

Thanks to the concerted efforts of Four Paws International, Napa was about to be relocated to a special bear sanctuary in Switzerland where he would become the first bear released there.

Despite a long journey to Arosa Bear Sanctuary in east Switzerland, Napa knew something had changed. He received much medical care and proper food and he adapted to his new home quickly because of his positive attitude. He is a very curious bear and wanted to go outside right away but he first needed to adapt to his enclosure. But when he was free to go outside, Napa literally jumped! And the first time he experienced snow he was so excited. He also got to meet another bear for the first time in his life.

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