Cheerleaders Surround Girl From Rival Team Who Was Cheering All Alone

Being on a cheerleading squad usually means a team experience, but that wasn’t Tori Adams felt when she was the lone member of her squad to show up to cheer on her school.

But Tori wasn’t alone for long, when girls from the opposing squad joined her on the court at the CLAA Conference Tournament in Missouri.

It turns out that Tori was all alone because all the other girls on the cheer squad for the Northwestern Eagles came down with an illness except for her.

It was quite a dramatic turn of events, but Tori felt obligated to represent her school. She told told FOX4 News: “My coach gave me the option to cheer or not cheer, and I felt like I had to be there for the team.”

In this video clip, Tori, who is dressed in a blue outfit, was looking a bit embarrassed and scared in front of the large audience all by herself. But she is soon surrounded by girls from the Hardin-Central cheer squad – all total strangers to Tori.

Brenda Milligan, who has a daughter that cheers for Hardin-Central, filmed the moment and wrote that Tori, “…was embarrassed and scared, just like any of us would be if we had to cheer in front of a big crowd all alone. My daughter and her squad took the nerve and went out to cheer with her.”

They quickly picked up Tori’s cheers and worked double time cheering for both sides in a wonderful display of camaraderie. They certainly fulfilled their role as cheerleaders exceptionally well that night!

Their kindness towards their “rival” is something to cheer about!

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