Cats Adopt Three-Legged Puppy Whose Mom Tried To Eat Him

Ale Oviedo got Nicolas the Pit Bull puppy when he was around a week old. The poor pup’s mother had eaten three of his siblings when they were just days old and was in the process of chewing on his front paw when he was rescued.

Meet Nicolas. Ale began to care for Nicolas when he was just a few days old.

He joined a house filled with love.

He’s got five dog siblings and one special foster mom, Clementine the cat.

Clementine and…her extra special “kitten”.

Clementine had just given birth to her own kittens and welcomed the new white fur ball to her family.

Nicolas’ wounded leg required special attention and he got bottle fed every 3 hours. “It sucks to feed him every three hours…Yet it is so rewarding,” said Ale.

His siblings kept him clean, warm and loved.

They also didn’t mind playing with him at 3 a.m. in the morning.

Life got a little bit easier when he moved from liquids to solids.

“When we met he was only a 500 gram ugly looking thing with a not so bright future since he was so small, he’s now a 7 kg pup (piranha), not sleeping for 2 weeks, feeding him every 3 hours… Totally worth it!”

Being a puppy, he napped…

…a lot.

What a cutie pie!

He’ll always be mama’s boy.

Taking care of Nicolas in the beginning was a lot of work. A 24/7 job in fact.

But with the help of her cats and dogs, Ale says Nicolas has become a lovely dog.

He’s all grown up now.

But the family love continues!

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