Cat Makes Crazy Leap From Utility Pole As Man Attempts Rescue

Coco really does have nine lives! The three-year-old orange tabby got scared up a utility pole after a dog chased him, which is a very catlike thing to do. But it’s the way he got down that has made him a bit of an Internet celebrity.

Alice Reid, Coco’s owner, was called by her husband who saw a dog chase a cat and phoned her to ask if Coco was in the house. She couldn’t find him, so that’s when they realized the cat had climbed to the top of a utility pole Monday in Dildo, Newfoundland. They tried to coax him down but he wouldn’t come down so they contacted Newfoundland Power to come and help. The man was nearly at the top and just about to rescue Coco when the cat decided to take matters into his own hands, er paws.

Here’s Reid’s original video from Facebook.

Coco made a daring leap – all paws splayed outward – from the pole. Reid and onlookers cried out in fear. Thankfully, Coco was completely unharmed and unbothered by the entire ordeal! She told On The Go there was “Not a thing wrong with him.”

Coco has been doing his usual things like sleeping, eating (extra treats) and getting cuddles.

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