Cat Abandoned in Basement for 20 Years Just Wants to be Petted

When Anita moved into her new building in Hell’s Kitchen, New York she learned about a cat in the basement and was shocked when she learned the cat had lived there all alone for 20 years. Granny, as Anita called the cat, had been left behind by her family and since that time the super independent fed her but no one did anything more for her.

So when Anita went down into the basement to see the cat and noticed how dirty her bed was and how dark it was. Granny right away came up to Anita and Anita noted, “She didn’t want food, she just wanted to be petted.” That’s when Anita decided she was going to get Granny out of there.

Although Anita couldn’t keep Granny, her friend adopted her. Granny was very nervous the first day in her new home but she adapted quickly and loved nothing more than getting affection. She loved getting brushed and head rubs and attention from her new mom.

Granny had hyperthyroidism and renal issues due to her advanced age but she still had time to enjoy being taken care of. Granny lived with Anita’s friend from July 2017 to Feb 2018 before crossing over Rainbow Bridge. But this sweet cat got to know love and sunshine in her last days thanks to Anita.

It’s so heartbreaking to realize Granny was alone for so long. But it’s heartwarming to know that she experienced happiness in her last year.

Viewers of the video were just as shocked as Anita as. “Twenty years… with nothing, no sunlight, no warmth, no… nothing. I think I’m going to be ill,” wrote one viewer. “The lady who took her in, I love you!”

Another wrote, “Since she’s 20, it’s obvious she won’t live much long now but at least she will spend her last days surrounded with warmth, love and care 🙂 And I think that’s the most beautiful part; instead of being forgotten in a dark, dirty basement.”

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