Cane Corso Plays the Cutest Game Of Peek-a-Boo with His Dad

Royce is a Cane Corso who his family calls “the biggest dork and goofiest dog you’ll meet.” They recently shared an adorable video of Royce playing an impromptu game of hide-and-seek with his dad when he came home from work.

In the now viral video that mom, Noell, posted to TikTok, dad comes to a window outside and peeks in. Royce is by the window and notices his dad immediately. When his dad ducks down to hide from his dog, Royce hilariously catches on to the game.

The video is captioned: “Oh so we are playing peek a boo, huh?”

@noleeeyy Oh so we are playing peek a boo huh? #canecorso #funny #husbandanddog ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Royce is 4 years old but still a “puppy at heart” according to Noell. After the video received several million views people had questions like did Royce learn this “just now or was this something you taught him. This is the cutest trick I’ve seen ever,” asked viewer @enchanting_kristal.

Noell answered, “He taught himself! He watched what my husband was doing then this happened. We didn’t expect this.” She shared the video again but this time without the music. Some people laughed even more upon hearing Royce plunking on the floor.

@noleeeyy Replying to @enchanting_kristal ♬ original sound – Noell

Viewers loved Royce’s playful nature. “This is so wholesome,” said one viewer. Noell responded, “If you ever need a quick pick-me-up, this video is it! At least for me.”

Another Cane Corso owner also commented, “This is so adorable! I have a Corso too and he’s also a giant dork, LOL.”

For those viewers who noticed Royce’s ears are cropped Noell shared that this was unfortunately done by the breeder before they got him as a puppy.

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