Canada Geese Weather Violent Hail Storm In Clever Way

A group of geese revealed their unusual way to weather a hailstorm without getting hurt in rare footage captured by a resident of Scarborough, Ontario.

The Canadian province has been getting freak weather this summer from torrential flash floods to hail storms.

It was during a hailstorm in July that Marlon Inniss captured an unusual sight. There, in the midst of the hail storm, was a flock of Canada geese with their heads looking skywards as they were pelted by icy rain.

In the short clip, the geese are standing or sitting down, but their heads are all tilted upwards. But why?

It turns out that the geese are gazing skywards to actually limit head injuries or injuries to their sensitive beaks. You could say they’re taking the threat of the hail “head-on”.

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