Caged Pit Bull Used For Breeding And Dumped Gets Her First Taste Of Freedom

Poptart’s story is a familiar one for Pit Bull rescuers. Caged and used for breeding, the dog ended up discarded by the roadside when she was no longer useful. Poptart had been rescued from the rural highway in Virginia and was taken to the shelter. Vets suspect she was kept in a small cage and heavily bred and they noted she had a recent “home” c-section.

When Kata and AJ spotted Poptart at the shelter they could tell the dog was scared. She was hunched over and withdrawn and not doing well in the shelter environment.

The couple brought Poptart home and their hearts broke when they realized Poptart didn’t know she was welcome in the house. But the moment Poptart realized that she could, in fact come inside, she transformed into a different dog.

Now Poptart is the queen of the house. She loves running around the house and is so happy and jubilant that she dances before every single meal. She’s also got a canine sibling who she adores after Kata and AJ adopted another dog, Doug. Kata says Poptart shows how grateful she is to be adopted every single day. She says, “She’s the sweetest, most gentle creature you’ll ever meet in your entire life.”

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