Man Receives Letter From His Wife Who Died 2 Years Ago And Is Moved Beyond Words By What It Says

This story moved me to tears, and it is one definitely worth remembering as we enter the holiday season.

A month before passing away from Ovarian cancer at age 46, Brenda Schmitz wrote a very special letter.


Brenda Schmitz

She asked a dear friend to hold on to it until her husband, David, had found someone special to care for him and their four children.

She had something she wanted for all of them. Although it was difficult for her, she wrote this letter:

Christmas Wish #M.pdf

The letter was delivered to STAR 102.5 radio two years later. They were so moved by Brenda’s letter that they knew they had to make her wishes come true.

They invited David to come down to the station and shared what his late wife had written. Wait until you hear what David shares about Brenda’s continued presence in his family’s lives.

Brenda’s wishes were granted and her family was treated to a vacation to Disney World. Jayne also got a wonderful spa day and the doctors and nurses that cared for Brenda were treated to a special night.


The Schmitz family

What a remarkable, generous woman Brenda was!

Share Brenda’s amazing gesture with your family and friends.

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