Boys Save Emaciated Dog They Find Dumped In Old Sewer Drain

Two boys were in the right place at the right time to save a life when they were walking through an overgrown lot in Flint, Michigan and saw an old sign in their path. Tyler Price lifted it up with his foot and was shocked to see a dog six feet down staring back at them.


Photo credit: Facebook / Mars from hole to hope

The emaciated Pit Bull was stuck at the bottom of the sewer pipe drain.

pit bull found in sewer drain

Photo credit: Facebook / Mars from hole to hope

Tyler and his cousin, Eugene ran home and told his dad that they needed to help the dog. They called police and a local animal rescue group came out and pulled the dog out to safety. The boys named the dog Mars.


Photo credit: Facebook / Mars from hole to hope

Shortly after, Mars was taken home with his new foster mom, Terissa Kerr. She saw Mars’ story on social media and decided she wanted to help him.

Mars has severe heart worm and weighs half of what he should but he’s already on medication and has gained a few pounds since his rescue.


Photo credit: Facebook / Mars from hole to hope

Terissa taking care of him and expects to foster him for about a year before he goes up for adoption. Kerr told WJRT that Mars is incredibly loving given his terrible ordeal. “You can’t get near him without getting kissed,” she said. “He’s amazing.”


Photo credit: Facebook / Mars from hole to hope

Mars would surely have died alone down in that hole if Tyler and Eugene hadn’t walked through that lot that day and been curious about what was under that sign!

Tyler’s father says that his son’s actions may just save another dog’s life very soon. “He’s been on me since Sunday about getting a dog, so we will get one that is rescued,” Tyler’s father told the news station. “He deserves it.” He certainly does!

Update November 2016

Mars is ready to be adopted! Terissa posted to Facebook an update on October 16 on Mars and wrote:

“Hi everyone! I’m doing great, I’m now neutered and had some teeth pulled and I’m ready for ADOPTION!! Here’s the deal though, I need to be an only dog or with a submissive female. No small kid, cats, or small animals. I need a 6′ high fence or a very strong tie out. If you think you’re the family for me please contact Momma! PLEASE SHARE! Thank you so much!”


Photo credit: Facebook / Mars from hole to hope

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