Boyfriend Surprises Girlfriend By Bringing Home Foster Puppy With Special Needs And Changes Their Lives

“What is this?” That’s how one dog fosterer responded when her boyfriend brought home a foster puppy without telling her. “I was on vacation, and I had no idea my partner was bringing home a foster puppy,” the woman says in the video. “And I’m not sure how I feel about puppies.”

That’s because in the four years that she has fostered dogs she’s never fostered a puppy. She’s fostered senior dogs, dogs with behavioral needs but “Spud” would be her first puppy and she wasn’t so sure admitting that she’s a “huge dog person” but puppies are “incredibly needy” and “very small.” And Spud was very small and also had problems walking.

Spud was picked up as a stray and could barely walk. Animal Pad rescued her and that’s when Spud’s reluctant foster mom’s boyfriend decided to take Spud home. Her boyfriend took Spud everywhere and eventually the puppy started walking thanks to getting proper nutrition.

The couple have a senior 3-legged French Bulldog who reacted to Spud’s puppy energy completely differently than her mom. She loved it! But soon, Spud wormed his way into his foster mom’s heart and the two bonded. Spud’s foster mom admits that her boyfriend wanted to foster fail with Spud from Day One. And she knew he was right. So now Spud is part of their family forever.

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