Boy Who Had Suffered Severe Eczema For Years Now Dances For Joy

At just six years old, Tyler was living in constant pain. The little boy was fighting a very severe form of atopic eczema for many years, and despite repeated trips to many different doctors and specialists, his skin never improved.

It had gotten so bad that Tyler could not sleep or play and had to stay home from school. His mother, Debbie, was growing desperate for a solution to relieve her son’s pain and discomfort.

That’s when she saw information about a treatment from a doctor in South Africa. Other parents had sworn by Dr. Aron’s treatment and that his cream had helped their children when regular treatments had not. Debbie was skeptical at first, but after she did some research she decided to contact Dr. Aron.

Dr. Aron’s approach uses only the ingredients that are conventionally prescribed for childhood eczema (steroids, antibiotics and moisturizer), it’s his method of delivery that differs, the Telegraph UK reports. Apparently, the doctor mixes all three ingredients into one topical mixture, which is measured out according to the child’s age, body mass and the severity of their eczema.

“We all know you should use topical steroids and moisturizer in treating eczema,” Dr. Aron told the newspaper. “Less widely recognized is that you need a topical antibiotic, delivered simultaneously, to deal with the bacteria that colonize most patients’ skin. These bacteria produce a toxin that prompts the release of histamine, and makes the skin itch and burn like fire. Topical antibiotics deal with this aspect very effectively; oral antibiotics do not.”

When Debbie got the cream, she decided to chronicle her son’s reaction to the new treatment. Within three months, Tyler’s condition improved drastically!

Although Dr. Aron’s treatment worked for Tyler, as with any health condition, please consult with your doctor before trying any medications that have not been prescribed by your physician.

Watch Tyler’s journey from suffering to healing and see how a new eczema treatment gave a boy his life back.

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