Doctors Put Tiny Battery On A Slice Of Boloney To Show How Much Harm It Can Do If Swallowed

During the holidays, children enjoy their toys, many of which light up and make sounds thanks to the small batteries inside them. As fun as the toys are for youngsters, doctors at Dayton Children’s Hospital want to caution parents, grandparents and caregivers of the potential dangers these types of batteries pose to inquisitive children. To do so, they made a video to demonstrate just how corrosive button batteries can be.

They take a small battery and place it on top of a piece of boloney. After just two hours, the battery damaged the slice of meat just as it would a child’s or a pet’s esophagus if it were to get accidentally lodged in it.

It happened to 4-year-old Hunter, a young boy with natural curiosity, after he swallowed a button battery. Luckily, his grandmother rushed him to hospital. Doctors had to work fast to remove it from his windpipe before it caused damage.

Hunter was lucky. But, recently, a young girl named Brianna tragically wasn’t. It’s very important for caregivers to inspect the toys they give children and ensure the batteries are secured and accounted for.

Share this safety information with everyone you know, especially with those caring for young children and pets.

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