Boy Honors His Fallen Father In Touching Photo Shoot

Nine-year-old Ethan wanted to pay tribute to his late father, Louisiana Senior State Trooper Steven Vincent, and did so with the help of photographer April Reeves. Together they created a moving series of remembrance photos.

Back in August, Senior Trooper Vincent was killed while on duty after a suspect in a traffic investigation shot him. Reeves was later contacted by Ethan’s mom, who asked if she would take some photos of Ethan with a few of his father’s belongings. It was Reeves’ first remembrance shoot and she wanted to make it extra special for the family.

In the images, Ethan wears his father’s trooper hat. Reeves also incorporated the fallen officer’s flag and some additional imagery in the pictures that she surprised the family with.

Reeves had help from the Louisiana State Police Force by getting imagery she could use to represent Trooper Vincent and which she photoshopped into the pictures.

She said that the family was touched by the results. Reeves told the Huffington Post, “Ethan is so proud to be his father’s son, and that is beautiful.”

The two enjoyed the photo shoot. Ethan shared stories of his father with Reeves and the two shared laughter and tears.

She said on her Facebook page, “I truly hope that when he is older he is as happy to have these treasures as I was to capture them for him.”

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