Sneaky Boxer Dog Taste Tests Pumpkin Pie In Secret

There’s always someone in the family that wants to “sample the wares” before anyone else. And in this house it’s the Boxer dog.

Says the family, “Shortly after pulling pumpkin pies from the oven, our 2.5-year-old boxer decided to take a taste test. Despite having a ring camera set up in the kitchen to try and train her not to take food from the counters.”

Viewers were firmly on the dog’s side. One person commented, “Poor thing. No whipped cream.”

Another wrote, “Well someone’s got to do it. I feel your pain dog, it’s a thankless task.”

And one other person could have sworn the dog wanted to be a good girl. They noted, “Aww bless, you can see slight hesitation but the temptation was just too great.”

We’re just wondering just how much of the pie did the dog taste? It’s probably back to training for the dog and a lesson to the family not to leave anything out within reach on the counter!

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