This Simple Trick Helps Calm Fearful Dogs During Storms And Fireworks

Fireworks are always a lot of fun for people to watch, but the loud noises from the festive events often frighten many dogs. So much, in fact, that many shelters report that they receive the highest number of lost dogs after seasonal holidays such as the Fourth of July.

But this easy trick could help calm your dog and help him/her from getting scared during fireworks or thunderstorms.

The do-it-yourself solution acts much like a Thundershirt. It’s a type of swaddle that is said to reduce anxiety in your pet.

The wrapping technique also helps a shy or nervous dog feel safe and confident and is called a body wrap, and is a method that has been developed by TTouch.

Sarah Hauser demonstrates how to do the TTouch Wrap. She says that the wrap is only meant to be left on an animal for up to about 15 minutes at a time for a dog and should never be left on an animal unsupervised. She recommends 2″ ace bandage size is good for a small dog, and a 3″ bandage is good for a bigger dog.

The body wrap also helps senior dogs, shelter dogs and dogs recovering from surgery or been sick.

A member of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society tweeted a picture and said it worked for his dog.

So the next time there are fireworks or a thunderstorm you might want to try a body wrap to help reduce the stress in your dog.

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