Busy Beaver Builds Dams Out of His Caregiver’s Things

Lacrosse sticks, slippers, blankets, door mats. Leave them out and Justin Beaver (JB) will take them to build a dam. That’s what Brigette Brouillard learned when caring for the orphaned beaver. Brouillard runs Second Chances Wildlife. She got JB after he was found as a stray and nursed him back to health.

But because JB was not a candidate for release back into the wild, he is now part of the wildlife rescue’s educational outreach. (He’s given Brouillard an education on dam building that’s for sure.) As she reveals in the videos below, caring for a beaver has its challenges!

Obviously, beavers are not suited to live in a house, what with gnawing on the wooden furniture and dam building with household things. So, JB needed somewhere to live outside.

Thanks to Greg Wittstock and his team at Aquascape, JB now has an incredible outdoor enclosure with a special pond where he now lives. The pond is much bigger than Brouillard’s bathtub that’s for sure.

A year later and JB is pretty happy. He can go in the water when he wants and he’s got lots of snacks and natural habitat to chew on.

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