Bears Kept In Cages Next To Each Other For 20 Years Finally Get To Meet

Buzz and Armstrong lived 20 years together but separated by the cages they were kept in 24/7 at a bile farm in Vietnam. The two moon bears were never able to touch or share each other’s company and so they remained until they were recently saved by Animals Asia.

After Animal Asia rescued the bears, their experienced team worked for 2 months to build up the bears’ mental and physical strength. Buzz and Armstrong were finally able to meet and the teams that cared for them couldn’t be more excited. But how would the two friends react to each other’s company, to being in a room for the first time together?

The two bears immediately went up to each other and warmly hugged each other, that’s how. Armstrong was so happy and excited he wouldn’t leave Buzz’s side. He even clucked happily.

The rescuers couldn’t have been more delighted with how well the bears got along. It’s a beautiful moment between two old friends who finally get to hug each other after 20 long years.

Animals Asia is working with the Vietnam government to end bear bile farming in Vietnam and will rescue the last few hundred bears who still remain on bile farms by 2026 and bring them to their special sanctuary. To learn more visit:

Armstrong also got to go outside for the first time. Watch Armstrong step outside for the first time here.

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