Sleeping Bag Will Transform You Into Hibernating Bear

Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa has taken the Internet by storm with her bear sleeping bag she calls “Great Sleeping Bear”. That’s right, it’s a sleeping bag that once you are cozily zipped inside, transforms you into a bear!

Ishizawa was inspired by Bruno the “problem bear” who wandered from the Italian Alps into Bavaria before sadly being hunted down by officials.

Nicolas Golden took one look at the sleeping bag and tweeted, “Bear sleeping bag, shut up and take my money.”

The luxurious sleeping bag, however, doesn’t come cheap. Given that the bear “will be hand made, even from nose to teeth” and is considered an art piece, it’s priced at $2,350 USD!

But it just might be worth it to curl up cozily and look like a gigantic hibernating bear!

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