Beagles Hilariously Interrupt Their Dad Trying To Make Them A Carrot Cake

When the dad of two beagles tried cooking his two beagles a carrot cake things quickly descended into absolute chaos in a hilarious video he shared to TikTok!

Kiki and Koko are delightful beagle sisters who aren’t exactly patient when it comes to waiting for their dad to make them a delicious carrot cake. Their misadventures have resulted in the delightful series of videos entitled ‘Cooking with Beagles.’

In this particular instance Kiki and Koko go after everything put in front of them and the ensuing chaos is both suspenseful and funny!

@beagleskiko Replying to @Jennifer O'Neal ♬ LOONEY TUNES PART 2 – Cavendish

The banana and peanut butter cookies doesn’t go much better. LOL!

@beagleskiko This baking session was doomed right from the start… When we tell you there was SO MUCH chaos, we had to cut 50% of it out because Instagram doesn’t allow videos over 1:30 mins maybe we should do a compilation of “unseen bits”? What should we cook next? #dog #beagle #beaglesoftiktok #funnydogs #cutebeagle #dogcontent #cookingwithbeagles #cookingwithdogs ♬ LOONEY TUNES PART 2 – Cavendish

The two beagles are actually not “badly trained” as some viewers are lead to believe. It’s all in good fun and Kiki and Koko’s parents write, that the two dogs love spending time cooking with dad.

@beagleskiko Replying to @Nameless NO MORE COOKING VIDEOS?! Human said people in the comments are saying we’re badly trained, and we can’t do any more cooking videos we couldn’t let that happen! Cooking with dad is our favourite thing ever, we get so excited every time ‍ So we decided to show our human how well behaved we can be and worked on our “stay” with @Hundeo, which showed us a step by step tutorial. Guess what?! Hundeo not only shows training tutorials, but also different homemade games for dogs, and even cooking recipes. So you can cook with your doggo, too! They also offer a 7-day free trial #ad ##dog#beagle #beaglesoftiktok #dogcontent #funnydogs #dogtok #cookingwithbeagles ♬ original sound – SpongeBob background music

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