Beagle Hilariously ‘Falls Over’ On Purpose To Get Special Attention

Loons is a dog who knows how to get the attention she wants. The funny Beagle loves to “fall over” and then there is only one thing that can get her back up again. Mom has to come over and give her “CPLoons” – Karen’s name for the make-believe CPR/belly rubs she gives Loons to make her all better.

“If she is expecting me to come back out of a room into another room she’ll be lying there, waiting,” says Karen. She says her friends think Loons just wants belly rubs but she disagrees and says what Loons really likes is the “dramatics of it”; Loons wants Karen to “sell it.”

The dog learned the unusual trick when she had an injury as a puppy and temporarily lost the use of her legs. When she “fell over” she would get attention. Even though her legs recovered, she never forgot the trick.

Watch Loons’ dramatics in the video below:

What a character! Loons definitely has lots of personality.

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