Man Builds A Beach Hut With Secret Rooms Underneath The Sand

Colin Furze is an eccentric inventor and plumber from Lincolnshire, England who likes to share his crazy projects on YouTube. For his latest project, he reveals a secret subterranean beach hut, with several “cozy” rooms under the sand. Says Furze, “I love digging holes on the beach so this is taking it to another level.”

Furze said the secret beach hut was only temporary. He wrote:

“It’s finished and for a random idea I had it turned out great. Now this project has caused quiet a stir and even been called my most dangerous project, as digging in sand is risky. It was sad to take it down as I couldn’t leave it there as someone would probably take a dump in it and it would collapse at some point but we shall remember it as the best beach hut the east coast has ever see…cut to old people crying.”

For those interested in seeing how Furze (and his friend Rick) built this unusual beach hut, take a look at the video below, which reveals how he dug and fortified his subterranean beach hut.

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