Baby Camel Is So Excited To See Snow That He Has To Show It To His Friends

Albert the baby camel was so excited to see snow for the first time that he did a happy dance. Not only that he wanted to make sure the goats on the ranch where he lives got to enjoy the snow too!

In this delightful video shared by Rancho Grande Ojai, a family ranch and animal sanctuary in California, Albert is seen delightedly hopping around in the snow. He then dashes off to round up the goats and take them on a walk to all his favorite places.

Watch the clip below:

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If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the version below:

Andreane Laroche, one of the owners of the ranch commented on TikTok, “For those wondering about a camel in the snow, there is extreme temperature changes between night and day where they live. They should be good.” Laroche added, “So far this season he has not shown signs he is cold. He has so much fur too.”

Albert loved his snowy excursion but the goats…not so much. Laroche shared, “Goats don’t like getting wet. Albert doesn’t seem to care at all.”

Although Albert appears like he’s the leader of the goats, it’s more his size that gets them to follow. Laroche wrote, that Albert is “Not really the leader but the biggest in size does matter. Albert is still a baby only 5 months old.”

Albert came to Rancho Grande Ojai a few months ago after his mother couldn’t feed him and they offered to help. He has turned out to be “the most affectionate and loving animal” they have on the ranch.

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He’s been named after Laroche’s grandfather, who lived to be 100 years old. And for those wondering, they have 164 goats, each with their own name!

Albert has a nice barn “just for him that he sleeps in. He can go there anytime he wants.” He just loves walking around and meeting all the animals at the ranch. He really likes Simon the German shepherd.

@ranchograndeojai Albert tne baby camel #ranchogrande #ranchograndeojai #dog #farm #ojai #camel ♬ sonido original – user64627358847

Albert’s joyous dance in the snow has won him many fans around the globe.

One viewer wrote, “His little tail wagging as he jumps. Such pure joy.”

“Sigh. I can’t tell you how bad my morning started but Albert has put the biggest smile on my face. Enjoy the snow Albert,” wrote another.

Another viewer wondered why he was so enchanted, “Why did this feel magical? Albert and the goats.” Others felt there was a book in the making and that the sweet moments with Albert and the goats in the winter wonderland reinforced that “there still is beauty in the world.”

Laroche responded, “There is beauty all around, and everyone is just about as beautiful as they feel.”

And Albert certainly is a joyous animal!

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